Bebop, New Drone in the Parrot Family, Ushers in Drone Control with Enhanced Features

November 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

On Tuesday arrived a new drone from the house of French drone manufacturers Parrot in the city of New York. Bebop is the name, and yes, if maneuvered to precision, the new drone does sway its way across the air to capture the best from Parrot till date.

Parrot Bebop could put its predecessor, AR Drone 2.0, to shame. Bring the factors of power, weight, compactness and maneuverability, Bebop does possess some high held heads.

It is also put under a complete makeover to resemble the least with AR Drone 2.0.


Wi-Fi connection that gives the control on to your tab remains the common factor, but at the same time is boosted by the 802.11 ac radio which connects bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz that lets you get in touch with your drone even when flying at distances of quarter a mile.

And as with the speed, Bebop can reach up to 50 km/h which is more that thrice of what it was with AR Drone.

Bebop is controllable by two means — the app control as well as the optional Sky Controller if you prefer the enhanced control.

Pressure sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnet meters, etc all finds their place for easy sail but the pick of these would be the GPS chip that lets your drone be aware of where it stands. That’s useful for sailing your drone back to its home when out of sight.

The 14 MP HD camera is held firm by the shock-absorbing pads, but the real form in stability is achieved by its 86 degree video mode which makes the video stable no matter how you guide Bebop. 11 minutes is the flight time you get with Bebop which is not bad compared with AR Drone.


It also packs 8 GB memory that could roll the videos for up to an hour. There is also this mini USB and HDMI outputs on the controller that lets you capture the visuals through 3D glasses.

Its price tag tallies the ensemble features it packs in. $499 is what it would take to bag the Bebop drone, which is more than double the cost of AR Drone 2.0.

But yes, it’s totally worth it. The Sky Controller will cost you an extra $400, which will also give you the pack of three batteries.

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