Apple iPhone 7 May Feature Dual-Lens Camera that Could Provide Images of DSLR Quality

November 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems Apple iPhone rumors never cease to grab the headlines. Just when Nokia N1 tablet has gained the space for its revolutionary reversible connectors, iPhone is making its way back with stories about the next iPhone camera.

It may be months away from release, but iPhone 7 is rumored as per sources to feature a revolutionary camera innovation. According to John Gruber, Apple is working on packing in a dual-lens system for its next iPhone device.

As per Gruber, the phone will be featuring a two-lens system in its rear cam that can boast the imagery quality to that of DSLR images. The image quality will be boosted by enhancing the shallow depth of field, just as it’s done in DSLR imageries.


However, that’s not something unique to Apple devices. HTC One M8 was lauded for its camera quality and it was the same enhancement in the shallow depth of field that made it popular. A secondary depth sensor was roped in to yield the same in HTC’s Duo Camera feature.

However, iPhone 7 could indeed have the “biggest camera jump ever” as per Gruber, and it’s indeed months away! The words are from Gruber, a source that can be relied on even if it was a tip-off from “a birdie of a birdie.”

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