Blossom App-Connected Sprinkler Controller Could be a Smart Addition to Your Home

November 19, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember Rachio Iro?  If you don’t recall, we had seen this smart sprinkler controller break ground by the beginning of this year.

This app connected device had made a name for itself when people bought it and realized that it helped save money and water during the summer months.

Rachio Iro now has a sibling that goes by the name of Blossom. Blossom has hopped on to Kickstarter with the aim of helping you save more water and money.

The concept behind Blossom sprang from the realization that Rachio Iro had a shortcoming in the form of its connectivity.


Rachio uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, and there are times when sprinkler controllers happen to rest in places where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach.

There could be problems when you use the device outdoors where Wi-Fi signals are so weak.

The makers, thus, thought of fixing this problem by allowing Blossom to communicating with the outside world via different means.

Thus Blossom can work over Wi-Fi and via the Power line. Blossom can also add the ability to communicate over IP via the AC power at your home.

Installation too is easy, as it can be mounted on to any place even if the place is beyond reach of Wi-Fi. The makers have made it in such a way outdoor installation is also possible.


In case you have been wondering how it works, we need to tell you the operation part is almost the same as what we saw in the predecessor. Blossom taps real-time local weather info so as to alter your watering schedule.

If the gardener in you have a variety of plant types and yard layouts, Blossom will adjust to the schedule in such a way it works as per a specific watering plan for each sprinkler zone.

All you need to do is to look at the front mounted LED screen and it will tell you if the device is ready, or in watering mode, whether there are be hassles.

The crowd funding campaign has already mopped up over a third of its $30,000 goal, with less than a month for completion.

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