World Chess 2014 live: Anand vs Carlsen Game 4 live streaming

November 12, 2014, By S Ranjita

It was a sweet revenge by Viswanathan Anand in the 3rd game as he defeated defending champion Magnus Carlson in the most convincing manner.

Anand had earlier lost the 2nd game and this win will surely increase his hopes and aspirations in the World Chess Championship.


Anand defeated Carlson within 34 moves, and this strong comeback by the former Champion has literally increased the heat and spice of the tournament.

The 4th game will start at 5.30 PM IST, and it will be live streamed in the official website of FIDE World Chess Championship, Sochi.

After the end of the third game, both Anand and Carlson has 1.5 points each. The fourth game will take place on Wednesday at Sochi.

Anand played with the white blocks, and he shocked Carlson with a queen pony risky opening. The fast moves of Anand pulled Carlson to a state of dilemma, and he was seen doubtful in his moves from the initial moments.

Anand had used just 28 minutes for his moves in the initial 90 minutes, whereas Carlson consumed 60. Carlson was very patient in his moves, but he failed in Anand’s strategy, ‘Attack is the Best Defence’.

Live Match game 5: Anand vs Carlsen:

The game play of Anand reminded his glorious years, and he showed the importance of experience and gaming elegance to the young gun.

Speed game of Anand was unbearable for Carlson, and he literally failed in all his attempts to protect his King.

And finally, in the 34th move, Carlson surrendered in front of the Indian Think Tank, and it became another day of glory for the 120 crore Indians.

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