Google DFP Is Down: Google’s Ad Server Outage Disables Ads Loading, Hangs Websites

November 12, 2014, By Alex Ion

Update 2: DFP IS BACK!

Update 1: If your site is hanging, you have two options: 1) update your tags with async tags, or 2) disable the tags until the issue is resolved.

Users are flocking the forums in search for answers as Google’s ad server – DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) – suffers massive outage, leaving the Internet, literally ad-free for plenty of websites.

Google’s DFP solution is what powers advertisements on a plethora of websites; websites which are now either loading slow or hanging, or actually not showing any banners — and when you think people are getting blank spaces instead of advertisements, which are so vital for many, as their main source of income — this not just a glitch.

Google DFP Outage – What we know!

Sources have confirmed for DeviceMAG that the whole EMEA region has been affected. But we’re hearing people from the United States, complaining just as much. [DFP forums]

doubleclickWhat we know from various channels, so far:

“We’re addressing as a “P0″ extremely critical issue across DFP.  We don’t have a timeline at this moment but I hope to have a timeline/resolution very soon”.


“Engineers are looking into it as a matter of MAX priority. I will update you when I have more information.”

We’ll keep you updated about what happens with Doubleclick for Publishers. Meanwhile you can see who’s been affected, on Twitter.

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