Here Comes the MAID; Smart Kitchen Assistant Suggests Recipes of Your Taste, and Much More

November 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Once in kitchen and when on fussy works with your recipe, your mind would always sought for a boon companion who convoys you through the recipe making process.

The new microwave oven from SectorQube Inc. could lend you the same helping hands for all of those cooking worries, alongside even recommending the recipe of your taste.

It’s called MAID, acronym for Make All Incredible Dishes. And it does offers what’s in its name. This smart oven could be your long term acquaintance for bringing out recipes of your choice.


Never mind if running out of choice for what to be baked, MAID will have it even suggested to you.

Recipes it suggests will be of your choice that is based on your eating habits and daily calorie intakes. It could even be the wizardry in listing out some succulent variations to your recipe being frequently cooked.

Recipes will be demonstrated on the touch screen display which can stream videos from a library that has been stuffed by foodies round the globe. You could interact with MAID by means of touch inputs, gesture or even by means of audible controls.

Basic details will have to be fed to MAID right at the start, which will later keep on flooding with recipe info that can be cooked entirely in the oven.


Internet connectivity will let you access to the recipes while smartphone integration could let it track even more of your food related activities.

MAID is now running its crowdfunding campaign and head to its Kickstarter page for pledging the device if you are wishing to make this the newbie to your kitchen.

You could pledge for the device at a cost of $449, $80 less if you are an early backer, that would bring a MAID to your kitchen once it enters full- scale production in November next year.

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