Google Wallet Gets Updated with Low Balance Alerts and Automatic Money Transfers

November 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Since its advent, Apple Pay has been offering a constant check for its arch rivals Google, to come up with some cutting edge features to their own pay services, Google Wallet.

As a matter of pulling the service back to the front line, Google has updated their Wallet service which now will offer two handy features.

The update includes addition of the low balance alert feature and provision for automatic money transfer to your Wallet. The two would features would sure have a hand in drawing you away from running out of cash, in your Wallet.


Low balance alerts will alert you when you run out of money in your Wallet. Amount below which alert would be sent can be set by the user and would be handy for constant top-up of your Wallet, so as to face any unease when checking out.

The feature can now be set from your Wallet Balance page, where you could also enter the amount you desire for the alert to pop up.

The new automatic transfer will constantly flurry your Wallet based on recurring transfers so as to keep you worry-free from running out of your balance, even if you forgets to have the top-up.

The amount and the frequency in which amount would be transferred can be entered by clicking on the “Set up a recurring” transfer option under “Add money”.

The feature has been made available at the Google PlayStore as well as in the App Store . However, the tap and pay option is facilitated only for NFC devices running Android KitKat or higher.

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