Fireside Digital Frames are Smarter than You Could Imagine; They Display Only Images Relevant to You

November 4, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know the plethora of smart devices will never see a red light in this fast growing tech world.

In case you pondering what would be the next in line, let’s end the jitter before you end up your thoughts with a dozen of smart devices yet to make the presence. It’s the Fireside smart frame that adds the smartness to frame pictures in a never before manner.

Fireside is the digital app that scrolls only the images which you want to see. Never assume this frame to vanish the images you dislike by just having a gaze; Fireside is even smarter than that.

Fireside frame2

The digital frame would display images that suit the specific day, lifestyle and much more that deals with your life to let you gasp at images and videos that seems relevant.

For instance, you have images of your little ones displayed on his/her birthday. Be it your anniversary and Fireside will frame you the pictures of your marriage and honeymoon.

These are just traces of how smart Fireside could be and could sure add the extra dimension digital frames have been lacking since its advent.

Fireside smart frame integrates will have a seamless integration with your smartphones and cloud servers to let roll images not just based on notable days, but also with what’s around you.

Say it’s the month of December and you will have your holiday time pictures being displayed on Fireside. Contextual computing and machine learning is what Fireside carries out to categorize images which you want to see.

There is also this Fireside app available on Android/iOS platforms to easily flip through the images through your cloud.

Fireside frame

Fireside digital frames has been put under development for around two years and now has commenced its crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter, where it’s being well received within the backers.

Fireside frames could be backed at prices in between $340 and $400, which will in turn hand you the device when the shipment starts in June 2015.

The campaign has its deadline set for December 3rd and has already raised $20,583 out of $100,000 it has been pledged for.

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