LG Gives Smartphones Edges the Miss; Zero Bezel Devices Coming Soon

November 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

South Korean manufacturer LG seems to concerned over the worry of phablet users who find it a menace to grasp to the big screens.

A mix of cutting edge innovations is now being brought to the fore by LG to wipe out the edges of handheld devices, thereby adding a handy factor without compromising on the screen size.

Technology is busy making smartphones slimmer  in appearance. The newly launched OPPO R5 springs in as the apt example for that. But that’s not something LG prefers.

LG narrow-bezel

It’s the frame-like casing that LG has decided to usher in, with the use of bezel LCD panels. That’s a term often echoed in the case of watches, we know.

But then we will soon see the same technology coming to smartphones too. LG’s bezel architecture to LCD panels would make phablets appear like frameless, rigs.

Measuring 0.7mm, the new framework is thinner than ever for a smartphone. The LCD module comes with Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) feature, which is said to have been exclusively developed by LG.

With this feature, LCD panels will now arrive embedded with touch panels, thus making the bezel even more compact. Also, the shrinkage in edges is left untouched at the top and bottom part of the screen.

LG has also replaced the conventional double-sided tape to stick the modules with an adhesive, baptized Neo Edge technology. What comes as handy with this is the eradication of plastic panels for holding the circuit board and backlight intact – in short, everything will have a grasp on its own.

The display will enter mass production this November and LG believes China could be the market where bezel phones will make its first appearance. That’s where at least LG believes big screen smartphones to be favored among the mass the most.

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