Google in Efforts to Develop Pills for Early Detection of Cancer

November 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Prevention is always better than cure. Google also thinks so.  Going by what the brains at Google X lab are working on, we are sure to see a blend of bio-technology with wearable innovations and they would help in the early detection of illnesses.

The new orientation of Google is mainly concerned with the detection of cancer at the early stage. The company is now said to be developing pills that would do exactly that. It’s indeed interesting to see how technology chips in to bring about a  life-changing innovation.

Google’s pills, currently under development, are not any miracle pills that would get inside the human anatomy to heal the tumor.

Instead, on merging with the blood cells, these pills take up the task of sending out reports of its quest in detecting vicious cells that could lead to cancer.

What is packed inside the pills are tiny little magnetic particles of nano dimensions and they would merge with red blood cells to detect rogue cells.

These particles will constantly monitor the cells around and will transmit the report by means of sensors packed inside wearable technologies. Oh yes, that sounds more like Google.

These pills are aimed as a proactive measure in health monitoring, whereby doctors could draw more insights on the anatomy than from samples of bloods, which often becomes inadequate to detect early forms of certain cancer cells.

The data transmitted to the sensors can be uploaded to e-world for assessment by doctors. Eyebrows needn’t be raised over the security issues as Google states that it holds no interest in bringing out the personal diagnosis reports of patients.

Google’s cancer detection effort is not something of paltry scope, and doesn’t have a scale down on its timeline for taking flight. The ongoing research may take up many years.

Google X labs aspiration for cancer detection has been heavily influenced by the life experience of Tom Stanis, who now is a working brain behind the new innovation. Stanis who met with an accident recalls the incident as a blessing in disguise. Cancer growth in his kidney was detected while he was being scanned for internal bleeding after the accident.

However, a stroke of luck may not bless every individual as in the case of Stanis, who is now cancer-free. That’s exactly why cancer detection pills from Google will have its own space in the field of health if nurtured to reality.

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