Xiaomi is World’s Third Largest Mobile Phone Vendor; Behind Only Samsung and Apple

October 31, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi had some good amount of hype built around the regions where it has its foot. ‘Apple of China’ is now making it again to the headlines yet again. This time around, the newsworthiness is not for its flash sales, but the growth it has had over a short period.

A report from market research firm IDC has placed Xiaomi at the third spot among global mobile manufacturers.

xiaomi mi3

The report, based on shipment volumes in the third quarter, sees Samsung holding a major share of mobile sales with around 23.8%.

Apple stands behind the South Korean manufacturer with 12%. Meanwhile, Xiaomi, whose name made it in the top three for the first time, stands ahead of Lenovo and LG with 5.3% of market shares.

Figures, when compared with those of the leaders, shed light on the boost in sales of Xiaomi devices.

The Chinese manufacturer posted sales of 17.3 million units in 2014 as per the third quarter shipment volumes, which is a stupendous rise from 5.6 million units in the same period of 2013.

The hike in sales for Xiaomi can be attributed to sales strategy, which has the epicenter in its homeland. Launched initially in China, Xiaomi broke the bank with the launch of Mi3 and Mi4 flagship phones.

The sales of their smartphones were extended to nearby regions including Thailand and India, where the company kept breaking sales records one after the other.


The quarter also proved to be the highest in terms of smartphone shipments. A total of 321.6 million units were shipped in Q3 2014, while the numbers were low in the previous quarters.

The total shipment volumes in the previous year for the same quarter stood at 261.7 million units, while it was 301.3 million units in the second quarter.

IDC also points to the strategic efforts of vendors apart from top two as a key to the increase in figures.

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