No Entry for Google Glass and Other Recording Devices Inside Cinemas

October 31, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As part of an updated anti-theft policy announced by Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners, viewers can no longer carry along with them Google Glass, or any related wearable capable of recording, inside cinemas.

The new update comes as a measure to ensure zero-tolerance policy when dealing with movie recording inside the theatres.

Moviegoers will now have to hand over Google Glass-akin wearable gadgets or recording devices prior to entering the movie halls. They will also have to switch-off their devices before handing it over and shall be asked to leave if refusing to do so.


The update also mentions the smartphone usage inside cinemas and requests viewers to turn their mobiles to silent mode while inside. Theatre managers could alert law enforcement forces in the case of an indication of movie recording for further action to be taken.

The update though hasn’t mentioned the name of Google Glass specifically, brings in the ban to the range of wearables and recording devices concerned. Google hasn’t responded to the new update measures, but has mentioned areas of restrictions for cameras to be applicable for Google Glass earlier on.

Launched back in the month of May, Google Glass is powered with video recording capabilities of up to 720p quality and offers 16 GB storage space in the device for recording.

The videos can also be synced to smartphones or Google Cloud via wireless networking.

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