Google Fit Fitness Tracking App Now Available on All Android Devices

October 30, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

Google Fit is an app familiar to Android Wear and Nexus 9 users, but it has been kept out of reach of other Android users.

But now the barrier is being lifted by Google. The fitness tracking app by Google is now being made available for smartphones running Android 4.0 and above.

Google Fit is the app that tracks your footsteps while on a walk or on a run. It can even detect the motion when cycling.


The app makes use of the inbuilt sensors in your smartphone to track these motions and won’t require an extra add-on for the app to tap the info to you.

In short, Google Fit can basically motivate you towards your fitness goal. The timeline-based charts offer tracking of you walking, running or biking on a daily basis and also moves you a step closer to scheduling your fitness goals.


The added benefit for the app now comes in the form of access from multiple devices. Tracking activities is now possible through the app in various smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and also on PC through the Google Fit website.

Another highlight of Google Fit is its feature to integrate the tracking info with apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach just like in the Apple Health Kit integration. The app is now available on Play Store for free download

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