SkyCruiser Hybrid Vehicle Can Fly Like a Copter and Cruise Along Highways Like a Car

October 29, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hybrid innovations are now taking flight more than ever before.  It’s been more than a century since humankind molded the art of flight. We, indeed, have come a long way ever since.

The shift in emphasis has always shown up throughout this century. Some ideas collapsed, while some are yet to be nurtured. SkyCruiser is the latest of all that is a fascinating piece of automotive technology that is set to soar to greater heights.

Arizona-based start up Krossblade has come up with a thought that takes technology beyond the normal hybrid horizon. SKyCruiser, a concept currently, offers three modes of travelling in a single automotive. You can guide it through the roads like a car, expand the wings to swift through the sky like a plane, and even lift you through the air like a copter.


The land and air mode of travelling may be thrown to us as optional features. But the copter-airplane hybrid feature may not be so. It can indeed take off and land like a chopper.

SkyCruiser is a convertible plane that takes the horizontal air motion by means of the airplane process and a vertical motion in the air by working like a chopper. Go for the landing, and you could fold all its wings, be it for the chopper or for the airplane modes, and run it along the asphalt, just like you take your car out for a spin.

It’s the switchblade rotor arms, which unfold when the lift or landing is in process. These rotor arms, when folded, save precious space taken for take-offs and landings. Once reaching a particular height, the rotor arms can be folded back to their designated space. From then on, the twin 150 bhp electric motors will be thrusting your SkyCruiser ahead through the sky.


Boasting a capacity to hold up to 1,003 lb of payload, SkyCruiser could cover a range of 1006 miles with five people on-board and promises achievable speeds of up to 314mph.

Krossblade has their concept explained in a four minute video, which we have posted below for you. And yes, the vehicle can be expected to taking wings soon.

What is demonstrated alongside is the SKyPrawler, the miniature prototype to SkyCruiser that works fine with similar techniques and can cruise up to speeds of 55 mph.

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