More than Half of YouTube Viewers Prefer Mobiles and Tablets over Larger Screens

October 29, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

It looks like users cherish YouTube videos on small screens more than they do on large screens. A recent talk show at the Code Mobile conference has made it plain on the platforms on which YouTube videos are being increasingly viewed.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, explained that more than half of the YouTube views account from those watched in mobiles and tablets.

Susan explained the traction of the YouTube apps among iOS, Android and other mobile platforms to form a base to increase the mobile view numbers. YouTube app was also ranked among the top app in Apple’s app store the previous year.

Susan Wojcicki

She also spoke about the interest of YouTube in leaning towards expanded orientations, which include gaming and music.

Speaking in relation with the Twitch deal, which was later seized by Amazon, she said the game-streaming interest among kids at home is encouraging. Although hinting towards the interest for the company to invest more in gaming, she stopped short of speaking more on that arena.

Info on the music subscription scheme, rumored as YouTube Music Key, which was supposed to be launched by YouTube this month, also came flowing in as she spoke. Although a date for launch of the new venture was not disclosed, she termed the initiative as amazing and packing in a lot of dimensions. She mentioned that the project was actually in the works.

Susan Wojcicki, who worked as senior vice president of Advertising & Commerce in Google, played the key role in Google’s acquisition of YouTube in a $1.65 billion deal. She was promoted as the head of YouTube back in February this year.

She also guided the $3.1 billion deal which handed Google the rights of DoubleClick service back in 2007. Prior to joining Google, she has also worked in marketing at Intel.

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