Enjoy Stand-alone GPS and Music on Your Smartwatches; New Android Wear Update is Here

October 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartwatches were supposed to work alongside your smartphones. They do that, of course. However, a new update from Google lets you take a spin around without having to take along your smartphones, provided what you want are GPS and music services.

Google has released its new update to the smartwatch OS Android Wear and the efforts are clearly hinting that the smartwatch wearables would work as stand-alone devices in the near future.

The new update includes support for the GPS sensors in smartwatches and also for storage of music.


There may not be a whole bunch of smartwatches that pack in GPS sensors as of now. In fact, Sony Smartwatch 3 is the only one that packs in a GPS sensor and it stands on the verge of its release.

But it’s just a matter of time for a flurry of GPS sensors to occur in a broader range of smartwatches. Moreover, the support for GPS sensors can be handy for apps like GolfShot and My Tracks  in case you not wrapping a Sony Smartwatch around your wrist.

Music will playback from your Android Wear and not from your smartphone when this arrives, thanks to the update that offers music storage in your device.


Just download the latest from Google Play, plug in your Bluetooth headsets and establish  a connection with your smartwatch and then, its music to your ears.

Never expect the smartwatch alone to control your volume levels though. LG G Watch, Samsung Gear and Moto 360 will all have its update for music storage in the coming days.

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