Samsung-Bango Tie-up Offers One-Click Purchase Experience at App Outlet

October 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Samsung Galaxy App Store is not extremely the sought-after app store when compared with Google Play or iTunes. But wait before you write it off.

For, Samsung Store is bringing in efforts to hike the interest among potential customers by bringing in some cool tweaks. One among them was born a couple of days ago.

The South Korean manufacturer has tied up with UK-based mobile payment company Bango to let users purchase apps from Samsung Store at ease. Samsung Store has now made available a one-click purchase option for all the listed apps to its users.

samsung store

Just go through the apps and own them with just a click. The rest will be carried out in a jiffy. Payment will now be possible via your carrier network and the amount will be added to your monthly phone bills.

Though Samsung Store generates little interest among users when it comes to downloading favorite apps, users often access the stores to purchase hardware related apps that are exclusive to Samsung.

The new one-click experience aims at enhancing the store purchase experience. If you are aware, Samsung had previously acknowledged that the feature had been lagging behind the leaders.

Samsung won’t be the first to offer payment options through Bango. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Blackberry have been offering the same to its customers following their deals with the mobile payment company.

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