Myontec Injects Added Intelligence into Mbody; Could Help Basketball Players Improve their Game

October 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might have heard of Myontec, the company which breathed intelligence into sportswear. The Finland based firm has now revealed that its Mbody intelligent sportswear is suited for the athletic training of basketball players.

What the sportswear does is analyze athletes’ movement patterns and help prevent injury and improve skills.  Until now a product that had been used by the elite and professional athletes, Mbody is being made available to the general consumer and fitness enthusiast. And, that too at a discount!

Going by what the company says, Mbody shorts are the most comprehensive sports performance analysis product on the market. The product has the ability to measure muscular activity with the help of its bio-signal sensors.


It in fact gauges muscle load, balance ratio and heart cadence so that the wearers can better understand how physical activity is affecting their body and to improve training and basketball technique.

Pointing out that muscle balance and proper activation happen to be important in preventing worrisome injuries,  Marko Yrjovuori, sports therapist for the Los Angeles Lakers, has testified that though professional trainers are aware of how to monitor readiness and recovery, those who are new to the game end up injured or underperforming as they aren’t actually aware. He has said that with the use of Myontec’s Mbody shorts, it has become easier not just in training  his athletes, but the product as proved easy enough for use by novices too.

The company has added that the consumer version of Mbody shorts will be accompanied will now be accompanied by the Mbody Coach, which in fact is a real-time audio coaching function that is expected to change the intelligent sportswear system into a true professional trainer.


The features include its ability to deliver audio cues on muscle performance and balance, warm up threshold, injury risks, overload warnings and training instructions straight to the athletes’ ears, according to Myontec.

Currently available for preorder via Kickstarter for prices starting at $159, Mbody  will be put on retail racks with a price tag of $499. Are you among those who would want this one?

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