Cigarette Ash Can Free Water of Arsenic Pollutants

October 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The concept of recycling is something that has seen its value go up, especially when there is a flurry of e-waste generation. Technology is leading us in the right direction indeed. E-waste recycling has opened the gates for researchers to look seriously at residual waste, which often tend to have been ignored.

Need an example? IF you are a smoker, then you probably have it right on your finger tips whenever you burn your packs.

Cigarette ash it is. We may not even have taken ash so seriously. But a team of researchers have now come up with a perfect way of recycling ash. And, the innovation has turned out to be awesome that ash has transformed itself from being life-taking to life-giving.


Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences led by Jiaxing Li have found cigarette ash could work as water purifying filters with the mere touch of a coating. Aluminium Oxide is the voodoo coating that brings life to cigarette ash as water filters.

Further to the tests carried out, it has also been found that cigarette ash when coated with aluminium oxide can decontaminate ground water to up to 96% from arsenic pollutants. A pack of cigarette and a bottle of aluminium oxide could purify water to be used for drinking purpose.

What makes ash absorb arsenic pollutants is the porosity of the cigarette ash, which when gets the touch of the coating makes it fully perfect to be used as arsenic filters.

Barely would have such a thought ever popped up in your minds when you have a drag at your favorite cigarette, right? The time to preserve cigarette ash is now.

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