The Egg Personal Server Easily Fits Your Pocket

October 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Issues that dog data security have turned out to be a concern. Not anymore. A startup called Eggcyte could act as barrier to such issues by mooting preference for a personal storage cloud.

Eggcyte has come up with a perky little device called The Egg, which could the perfect personal cloud server for the worrying minds.

Taking up a shape that serves justice to its name, The Egg offers users options for storing their data on this personal device and can erase any flaws related to security.

Files could be transferred to Egg via the internet and it can be used to retrieve them too using your PC or smartphone. You could also exchange files by just swapping across the display glued within this personal cloud server.  With a 320×240 pixel resolution, the 2.4 inch TFT touch-screen along with a speaker offers all you need on this terrain.

The Egg

The portable device runs the Linux based Tizen OS and is loaded with a RAM of 1GB. Twelve hours of continuous functionality is  offered by the 910 mAh battery packed inside.

Plus, you have the Intel Atom processor serving as the heart of The Egg. Files could be only accessed over the internet when The Egg is switched on and also being offered is the feature of restricting to whom the files can be shared or viewed.

It would take quite a time for The Egg to hatch as the shipping date is assumed to be around July next year, which would be taking place only once it raises the $500,000 target set on its Kickstarter campaign.

Early backers could grab the 64GB model at $199. Options for the 128 GB and 256 GB models are also thrown in.

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