MasterCard and Zwipe Usher in Fingerprint Sensors in ATM Cards; It’s Adieu to PIN and Passwords Soon

October 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cash payment has heralded a few new tech techniques of late. Thanks to NFC technologies, we have the Apple Pay feature letting you pay your bills with just a swivel of your wrists.

Something akin to that has also been witnessed with our conventional ATM cards, where contactless cards made their way to people’s pockets.

However, the latter option takes a back seat when it comes to the limit in transaction across certain nations, alongside possible threats to the security they offers. That fear now looks like being wiped away, thanks to the collaboration of MasterCard with biometric company Zwipe.


The duo have now come up with ATM cards that incorporate fingerprint sensors, to offer contactless money transaction, alongside boasting modern-day security.

As the new feature is finding its place in ATM cards, you will just have to touch your finger on the sensors, while tapping your card with the till to make the payment.  The sort of guarantee it offers is that no one would be using your fingerprint to put your transaction to peril.

You also have your biometric details being concealed as they get stored right on your ATM cards, rather than being shared with any external cloud drive.

The fingerprint sensors also ease the necessity of dragging in a battery to the card for being the power source. Battery juice for its smooth running is harvested from the contactless till through which your card carries out the cash transactions. Zwipe has said that the new biometric cards have also been designed to be used at card terminals that require to be swiped with the card.

The issue of security has always been the top concern. While the whole world was sprinting toward high-end security facets, ATM cards have always remained as they used to be in the beginning. But now, times are changing for them too.

Sparebanken DIN of Norway has already waved the green flag for use of biometric cards and is trying them out with their customers on a trial basis. Biometric cards can be expected to replace the prevailing ATM cards globally by the year 2015.

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