Tzukuri Sunglasses Can Never be Misplaced; Your iPhone will Tell You Where They Are 

October 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s quite often that you end up misplacing your beloved stuff. Smartphones, when lost, has technology to bank on so that the lost device is retrieved in a matter of hours.

Ever wondered how you would retrieve your sunglasses once they are lost?  Thanks to Japan-based Tzukuri , this is also possible now.  There are these new sunglasses which are about to appear in the markets and they come sporting the tag, ‘Unloseable’ glasses.

Unloseable they indeed are, but only when you have an iPhone to be alerted in an event of misplacing the glasses.

You would wonder why they don’t work with smartphones other than those from Apple. That’s because it is Apple’s iBeacon technology that lets the sunglasses pair with an iPhone.


Making use of the Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing feature of iBeacon technology, the device lets you map the location of your sunglass even to scales of minute distances.

Just have a check on your iPhones if finding your glasses have been misplaced, and the location will be depicted right on the map.

Pairing with your iPhone also lets the sunglasses send out alerts in the event of you being away from your glasses. And yes that’s only when you have your iPhone right in your hands.

Tzukuri comes in two shades in six designs. Being offered are three size ranges that have been designed after analyzing around thousand notable face patterns across the globe. That’s to ensure the glasses do fit smoothly so as to not alert your iPhone.


Around 5,400 pair of Tzukuri glasses have been put up for pre-orders on a discounted rate of $249.

The prices are to go high up to $349 once the shipping gets commenced by the month of March.

If your find your regular sunglasses to be one of your possessions that slips away from you quite often, you could head for  the website to place your pre-orders without having any second thought.

But be quick enough as the numbers are nearing the thousands while you are reading this.

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