Microsoft Research Makes Keyboard Entry Possible in Your Android Wear Smartwatch with an App

October 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered why a keyboard never pops up in your smartwatches? You needn’t possess a smart brain to know that lack of space is the reason. But Microsoft research proves that would no more act as a barrier in bringing in a keypad for your smartwatch.

The Analog Keyboard Project app  had been keeping the brains at Microsoft research  quite busy, Now, they have seen success.

The prototype version is now available for download and may suit well in your smartwatch, if it packs a 320×320 resolution.


app2As per the developers, this app would be compatible with Android Wear smartwatches that sport resolution of 320×320, with an extended support for Moto 360. Installation can be carried out with an established Bluetooth or USB connection between your smartwatch and a PC.

Make no mistake, the process isn’t that easy after all. An Android SDK kit is a must for the installation and would also require patience to see through the complications.

Once done, it gives you the option of inputting characters in your smartwatch in a letter-by-letter manner. It would only be a fool’s thought to assume the app would provide you with a QWERTY keypad. In spite of that The Analog Keyboard makes use of hand-writing recognition similar to the way you have in mobiles.

Letters could be keyed in with your fingers in the space provided so as to be picked up by this app.

That may eat up a whole lot of your time, but this app proves its worth in areas where you may not have the proper voice recognition ability.

Be sure you have the letters fed in lower case as the app fails to recognize upper case letters as of now. Also make sure you don’t lean towards the app for most of your requirements.


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