Hybrid Smart Cam Link-U is a Device You Can Trust Even during Power Cuts

October 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The term Hybrid isn’t new in smart era technology. You have your device packed with the powers of switching to an alternate source or features within, then what you possess is literally the hybrid device.

But it takes more than that to come out of the label and prove in all sense as a real hybrid device. And that’s exactly what Link-Union does with its new smart camera.

What can one possibly expect when a smart cam falls under the hybrid category? A straight answer may not be easy.

link U

Link-U throws in the dual power option indeed, but at the same time it is offered dual connectivity and dual storage options too that make it the first complete hybrid smart cam to enter the domain.

You have the normal plug-in wire that powers up Link-U, but the one that proves its worth in times of power blackout is the backup battery. The battery  can provide up to 8 hours of backup to the smart cam.

Come to the storage front and you are given the option of clipping the moments to an SD card or to the iCloud /Google Drive accounts free of cost.

These apart, you have the connectivity feature. Link-U offers 3G/4G connectivity alongside Wi-FI to ensure its smooth running, whatever be the case of a blackout.

Link-U is also the perfect monitoring cam that makes use of features like motion sensing, audio sensing and infrared vision to enhance footage shot during the night.

Connectivity can be established to your iOS or Android devices to which alerts could be frequently set depending on the motion detection.

Also provided is the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for building up your complete home security system by integrating the range of devices.

Link-U webcams, under the Indiegogo campaign, had set a goal of $50,000. The campaign has raised around $14K within its first week.

Link-U also has a pre-order offer for $99 by February and has now been offering the second batch smart cams that would be shipped within March next year for an extra $50.

The product when launched in full-scale will be carrying the $249 price-tag and will also make you wait till beyond the first quarter to own it.

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