Skype Qik Offers Vine-like Experience; Much More than That, in Fact

October 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since Skype acquired video-conferencing app Qik back in 2011, all eyes were on the hundred million dollar deal. And it took three years for the team behind to bring it to fruition.

Now, a new app has been tossed on to the smartphone stores that has a twisted point of view compared with the parent app. Skype Qik is the new app that enters the realm of video sharing apps.

But then, shed some light on the app and you could surely pick out the cheese from chalk. The app, as its name hints at, offers the same stuff when it comes to what it carries along.


Skype Qik lets users to share live videos of around 40 seconds duration among friends or family. That’s sure makes it rub shoulders with apps such as Vine. But, Skype Qip takes the cake when it comes to the wide variety of features it offers.

Video sharing apps that are available in the market fairly shift efforts to come up with short length videos that prove to be fun when shared. Skype Qik, on the other hand bridges a gap on this terrain. It’s the very own feeling of intimacy you feel while in a call, and that has been conceived to charm users when sharing their videos through this one.

So what you get to enjoy is the awesome feel of video chat in an instant video sharing app. That could exactly be what would keep the app in a prime domain. And, it also offers the option of erasing videos you do not want to keep – that’s something seldom offered even by instant messengers.

There is also this time limit for accessing videos shared. You may not be on the winning side if you look to view a video shared a fortnight ago. This is because each video shared lasts for only two weeks.

There is also this feature called Qik Flik for users to share even trimmed videos of up to 5 seconds, making the videos appear like GIF images.

Skype Qik has been made available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. Skype have also assured of more features to come alongside the app based on user feedbacks in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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