Toshiba Glass is Not Essentially the Wearable You Have Seen Before

October 15, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The smart era is marching on, and the gate is wide open to let in a flurry of smart wearables. But if there’s a department that has stood back a little, it is the wearables of the eyes. Yes there has been the big foot step by Google, but it hasn’t flourished the way it was expected to.

Maybe, it was the concern of extra penny that made people hesitant from opting for Google Glass in large numbers. And if that’s exactly the case, we could fairly conclude that Toshiba is being guided the right way.

News from the tech world is that a new glass from the Japan-based company is on its way.


Toshiba Glass is not quite the smart glass if you would want it that way. It’s not run by any processor; neither does it require any battery to power it up.

What it actually brings in is the display of your smartphone contents on your glass screen by means of simple projection. Yes, you could call it the virtual headphone if that suits your imagination.

It’s cool indeed. Having a miniature, but uncontrollable rip-off of an Oculus Rift is what sure draws attention. But given the fact that the entire glass screen is covered up by the projection, Toshiba glasses cannot be certainly classified as a normal wearable. You would definitely want to mix the visual experience while having your morning jog, unless you use a convenient navigation app.

These are specific, like say if you want to have a hands-free experience while watching the movie, Toshiba Glass may serve you with exactly what you wish for. Navigations could also come handy, but that would depend on how opaque these would prove to be when projecting the view right in front of you.

That’s something we can be sure of only when the wearable unwraps its covers, probably in the near proximity. Reports do suggest the prototype of Toshiba Glasses was up for display at the CEATEC expo at Japan.

No word as of now for when the device would actually break the shield that confines it as the prototype version.

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