Kobo Exiting Tablet Frontier; to Focus on e-Book Readers

October 15, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is hardly some air to breathe if you happen to be stacked between the range of tablets that are flooding the market these days. Failure to lure the masses have also led companies to revamp existing ones and put them back on the racks. But some of them aren’t just interested in doing so after their line of devices failed to attract popularity.

Kobo, who offers tablets and e-book readers, is one among such makers. The company has decided to shift thoughts to the next lucrative option rather than playing around with devices already made.

Michael Tamblyn, president of the company, has been quoted as saying that Kobo has decided to abandon work on further new tablets. He made his intentions clear of shifting the focus entirely to enhance the e-book reader line in the coming days.


A bold initiative, this one indeed is. Not many of the manufacturers in the tablet terrain would have wanted to keep of slate making when the market is so ripe. But for Kobo who stepped with the e-readers has little concern in easing out of tablet territory.

The low-budget Kobo tablets that rolled out did not prove to be as successful as expected. The outcome never came as the surprise either, for we all know the hardware edge it missed out when compared with the major makers in the scene.

Pulling off the tablet front would also open the gates for a relook into Kobo’s e-book readers. Though many players such as  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony have best sellers in that arena, Kobo knows it too has the expertise in churning out awesome pieces of hardware.

Let’s wait to know what is in Tamblyn’s mind.

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