Fitbit Turns Blind Eye to Apple HealthKit Integration; May Rethink in Future

October 14, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All those who have made use of Fitbit  foresaw dreams soar when Apple rolled out their HealthKit, extending the supporting hand to other apps by means of integration. However, that was not to be.

Fitness wearable provider Fitbit have sent out clarifications to all those who wanted to know whether the integration with Apple’s Healthkit is happening, saying that there isn’t any intention to make Fitbit work with the HealthKit integration feature offered on iOS.

However, a little patience could still turn out to be fruitful as Fitbit has also mentioned that the plans would hold valid only for the current span of time.


You can expect the Fitbit wearables to make the most by way of integration later on – may be after an unmentioned period of waiting.

Fitbit also hinted that the time span could be the time needed to develop some goodie features for their products.

Fitbit has also kept the discussion forum open for throwing in the features which its users would like to have once the integration with HealthKit is made effective. This could be a definite solace for those who took to the Fitbit forum to express the dismay on the refusal of Fitbit integrating with HealthKit.

For the impatient ones, there are the shortcuts too. Apps like Withings, RunKeeper, MapMyRun do offer support with both Fitbit and HealthKit. In a way, that could make possible a indirect integration of your Fitbit with HealthKit.

But it would be legit to go through the fair wait so that you would get to enjoy the most from your wearable.

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