ComiX Chat App Adds Humor to Your Chat with Comic Strips

October 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Online chat freaks can now find a new space to light up their conversations along with a giggle. There is this new app ComiX Chat that has been made available on the store racks by Nubis Technologies.

From what we understand, this one surely is for the fun seeking online citizens.

Instant messengers form the heart of almost all smartphones that arrive in the market these days.

Even as they come packed with a dozen of chatting apps, the habit has turned out to be that you wouldn’t want to resist yourselves from trying out the fresh ones available.

comixchat app1

And, if your heart is on the lookout for a lighter side of conversations, ComiX Chat could sure be your best pal to date.

With Comix Chat, what you have is a normal chatting app that lets you chat with anyone in your contact who uses the app. More than that, ComiX Chat takes a different route on their approach to the chat window. That’s what excites.

Rather than just listing the conversations in forms of bubbles and squares in customized wallpapers, this app sends out your messages inside hand drawn illustrations, thereby adding a comic perspective to your chats.

The app also makes room for group chats within friends in your list, all of whom you would want to choose from your list in the phone contacts, Gmail or Facebook, provided they also make use of the chatting app. Users could also pick a comic avatar from the listed ones.

The free app has been made available for download from Google Play, WP Store and iTunes.

It’s always fun after all to view your discussions with a lighter perspective.  What do you have to say about this app?

comiXchat from Nubis on Vimeo.

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