Find Cards Messy? Plastc is What You Need to Own

October 11, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thanks to NFC technology, we are slowly getting rid of all the weight in our pockets and wallets. As you all know, Apple Pay had already made headlines with its Apple Pay feature and now it’s the e-ink card Plastc that is toe its line, but in a slightly different route.

There are areas where you may not have the Apple Pay feature. For instance, walk in to ATMs and you just simply cannot draw money by just pointing your smartwatch. That’s exactly where Plastc would be the real alternative.

Plastc is, in fact, the perfect replacement for all of your cards that you carry along.


Feed your Plastc with info regarding your credit cards, work keycards or security cards, to say a few,  and the smart little e-ink card would do the rest. Swipe on vending machines or point at your work centre, Plastc would have doors opening for you.

It’s NFC technology that finds it place alongside the EMV capability to replace the magnetic strip feature seen in your cards with chip-based readers. Info of up to 20 cards could be handled using the Plastc once you feed that using the e-ink display.

Input the personalized PIN code and you have the choice of selecting your desired card. Once done, you have the physical alternative to use just the way you would handle your normal card.

Smartphone connectivity is one of the features that enhances security. You have your access alerted on your mobiles and your Plastc can also be wiped of all memory once the card is lost. After activation, the smart card could also be restored to the ‘return me’ mode if you are away from your mobile.

Plastc packs inside itself a rechargeable battery that can serve up to 30 days on a single charge. Juicing up your Plastc can be carried out by the wireless charging method.

Priced at $155, Plastc is now up for pre-orders with shipping expected to commence by mid-2015. The prolonged waiting for shipping may sure invoke concerns, as it has been the case with all-in-one credit card Coin. In case you aren’t aware, , the smart card, announced last year, is still in the pre-order state.

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