Apple iPhone Tops Wishlist Among Teens

October 11, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The recent bendgate issue may have diminished the charm of iPhones to an extent, but the teens still love the Apple devices. Around 73% of the teens have the iPhone in their wish-list and the smartphone stands in the frontline among the phones they would opt for during their next purchase.

We are talking about the findings of the latest survey ‘Taking Stock with Teens’ by Piper Jaffray. The scenario is worth analyzing  considering that the numbers were around 67% when the survey was conducted in the month of April.

iPhone fans outnumber Android followers among teens. As many as 19% of the teens wish to have Android as their next newbie. But that’s not any solace as it may be seen that the number has fallen. A total of 24% had wished to own an Android the previous time the survey was undertaken.


If you thought the wish-list as teen fantasies that may not sprout wings, you can sure have a rethink, as around 67% of the teens already own an iPhone  – a hike from 61% in April.

Things tumble a tad, in the case of tablet computers though. Though standing on top the list, only 53% teens would like to own an iPad tablet, and interestingly 10% wish to buy a Window tablet.

Meanwhile, youngsters  seem to have a rethink on what social media platform they should be on. Facebook may have the leading numbers globally, but among the US teens, only 45% show interest in spending their time on Facebook. The teenage minds looks a little more enthusiastic with the image hosting service Instagram.

As many as 76% consider Instagram their best friend among the social networking media, while Twitter claimed the number two spot.

Around 7200 teens were surveyed over the period of August 25- September 30 for the survey that depicts the varying inclination among the teens of ageing an average of 16.

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