Facebook App to Enable Anonymous Chats in the Pipeline

October 8, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Roll back your calendars and the big news among the social networking world you heard a few months ago was about Whatsapp being acquired by Facebook. People are still in the wait for viewing the mainstream uplift to their favorite messaging app. But Facebook seems to be least bothered, at least for now.

Paving the way for a branching for Facebook is a new app the social networking major is about to release. This in fact is a drift from what the social networking mammoth have been known for.

The new app being developed within Facebook will let users chat with anonymous users, without revealing their identity. While Facebook itself pushes for a genuinity of an account, the new app proves ironic by letting users hide their identity.


Anonymous chatting apps are not new to the masses. Omegle, Chatous and the like have let users open up with strangers without any revelation of their personal details. The idea remains the same when the leading name in social networking field ushers in anonymous chatting.

The new app would be the platform for exchange of ideas or conversations, which a user finds hard to open up with their real identity.

Josh Miller is the man leading the mission in developing the new app, which can be expected to be released in a span of 2-3 weeks. Founder of the start-up Branch Media, Josh has developed apps like Branch and Potluck in the past, both of which have been acquired by Facebook.

While it would be not a matter of argument to put Facebook in the frontline for the race among social media networks, the company has not been up to the core in charming the mass with their apps. Keep aside the mainstream app and its messenger; the sideline apps released haven’t quite created the hype. The upcoming app could be a slingshot from Facebook to cope-up with the flurry of apps the rest have been bringing in.

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