Basis Peak New Edition Smartwatch is Even Smarter; Coming to Your Wrist this November

October 4, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought the heart-rate monitoring smartwatch from Intel-owned Basis had lacked in something, then here arrives the second wave of Basis smartwatch to drag it to the frontline.

The new Basis Peak is smarter, even more reliable and thinner. In short, it’s the one you sure would love to wrap around your wrist.

Basis B1 upon its release was favored well for what it offered, but often it was put under scrutiny by some for its appearance. Peak, in the meantime, is the sure shot for shedding such disappointment.

Basis Peak1

The display just got bigger in Basis’ second generation smartwatch and is also further durable. The Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen lets you take it anywhere.

Speaking of that, you could really take it along anywhere, even for a swim. Basis Peak offers water resistance of up to 5 ATM letting you track your heart rates and sweat rates uninterruptedly. Basis may have admitted that the predecessor lacks a bit in its functioning when the owner is on a running exercise, but the Basis Peak fixes such issues too.

The smartwatch is packed with an optical heart rate sensor that protrudes outwards to stick to your skin. Alongside are core sensors for galvanic skin response and skin temperature.

Also finding place in the device is the 3-axis accelerometer, which together just enlarges the radius of tracking activities by the smartwatch.

That may cover up the fitness part, but Basis Peak has still more to offer. It’s the notification system that takes the lure to even more sections. The new smartwatch could now receive notification from your Android or iOS device to pop-up those right across the screen.

Basis Peak2

An API for the smartwatch is on its way, which would be also ease the interaction for third party apps on your smartphones.

Basis claims the Peak to last up to 4 days on a single charge and is available in the shades of white as well as black.

Basis Peak would be rolled out in November this year and is priced at $199. If you had even the faintest of admiration for the predecessor, the new arrival would lure you into spending that amount of dollars on it.

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