Meet Nixie; the Bracelet that Flies to Capture Selfies

October 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are times when you would never want to miss a snap of a special occasion. Say while you are on a mountain hiking expedition, carrying your selfie devices along may not be strenuous.

But to capture the moments while on the go would of course be so arduous. Haven’t we all wished that a device just captures the moments for us?

The brilliant minds at Intel too have wished so. That must be why the hardware maker has unleashed a campaign called ‘Make it Wearable’. Now into its final stages, the campaign has brought forth a handful of finalists who have created awesome wearable devices. Among them, the one called Nixie is the most fascinating.


Call it a Quadra-copter or a mini-drone, Nixie would float around the air to seize moments of your escapades effortlessly. That’s not something new and it’s the ‘wearable’ factor that puts Nixie far ahead of the rest.

This selfie-capturing device would cling on to your wrist like a normal bracelet. And when the moment arrives for Nixie to deliver, just let it fly away off your wrist and Nixie would fly around like any drone would do, happily clicking.

Capture your moments of adventure or any of the frames you never want to miss, and once the photo-shoot sessions are done, Nixie would swiftly float back and cling on to your wrist.

Isn’t that the most offhand mode of selfie capturing? Who wouldn’t love to carry along a selfie-capturing device that requires zero effort from the wearer?

The Nixie idea sprouted from the brains of Christoph Kohstall and as of now, it has been demonstrated as a prototype. The finals of the Make it Wearable challenge is all set to take place at San Francisco on November 3 where Nixie would be dreaming of expanding wings out of the prototype model.

The winners of the challenge would be presented with a $500,000 cash price to push their projects into reality space.

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