Cook Well with Assistance from Qook; Kitchen-centric Slate is the In Thing

October 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablets are turning out to be more specific in their utility nowadays. Game specific, kid centric, media centric… The list just goes on.

Name a thing and you could have the tablet designed for your task. So, why not a tablet that guides you to be the master-chef in kitchen? Qook is the answer for that.

Normal tablets could well serve the purpose if these were meant to be just the time killers in moments of enduring your recipe. To be kitchen-specific, it has got to be designed right from the exterior.


Food stuff splashing across the screen can be one concern. Another worry about such devices is whether they can play the role of a one-stop assistant in your cooking purposes. Qook has got all these problems solved.

The protective casing makes it look like a décor cushion. You may not wonder when Qook offers much more than that though. It’s durable, shock-proof and most of all, easy to clean.

It’s normal that you would mess up your tablet when you are the chef, and that’s why you could clean Qook with just a sponge wipe. It also comes with a ticket to Qook’s recipe library to grant you added expertise in cooking.


Keep aside the kitchen-facets and you have an Android tablet run by NVidia Tegra 4 processor.

The 10.1 inch screen is packed with a 1280×800 resolution display. It also boasts 1GB RAM alongside 16 GB inbuilt storage.

A 588mAh battery would serve long enough for you to carry out endless recipe trials.

And yes, it also comes with a front-cam and a rear-cam to capture your cookery achievements so that you can share them too.

The product is available now at the price of $500. If you do feel the price-tag to be worth it, this all-in-all cooking assistant is a must buy.

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