Hiut Denim Transforms Glass Wall into a Touch-responsive Surface

September 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Take a stroll down the street and you could really feel the interaction by inanimate objects around you. It’s not just smartphones or desktops or TVs, but you have these interactive phenomena all around you even by the unexpected stuff you come across on a daily basis.

If you are pondering over what we are speaking about, head for the Rivet & Hyde shop on Windmill Street in London and you would get the answer.

Denim manufacturers Hiut Denim has got a firm history of backing up the signatures of the makers on their jeans.

hiut_ Touch wall1

Also, they offer the coin pocket that could fit your iPhone smoothly. But have you wondered how they get all these stuff to reach out to customers?

Well, if you thought a well garnished brochure would be doing the stuff, Hiut Denim outlets are much more innovative to use the powers of touch and interaction on a wall to come out with something more alluring.

What looks like a mere glass wall on the outlets is actually something more. It’s interactive, it’s touch-responsive and it’s a talking wall, or you can call it so.

You have these yellow colored symbols where you could place your hands. And the wall will respond to your touches by audible notes that take you deeper into the history of the brand as well as the product details. Isn’t that more interesting than just ogling your eyes through the brochures?

hiut_ Touch wall2

What makes this innovation possible is the conductive ink that has been coated on the glass that picks up touch. By making use of wires, various Jeans products and parts get displayed up on the interaction and also take you through the details by means of audio response.

Audio responses are controlled by the Arduino microcontroller inside the jeans. Knit agency is the one behind this interactive glass wall and has said that this is the first time that conductive ink is used in a retail outlet.

Yes, you have those interactive stuff across various outlets and at the bus hubs, but this one is sure so unique and doesn’t resemble the normal touch screen you may have come across. It’s a pure glass shield.

Head for the outlet within a month to have your session with the ‘talking wall’ as the feature would be open only for a month.

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