HealthKit Integration in iOS 8.0.2 Update Reveals Added Features to Fitness Apps

September 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The new iOS 8.02 update means the return of the HealthKit app and tools that vanished from the device due to various bugs some time ago.

But sure Apple has made up its mind to compensate for its absence when the HealthKit app makes its return.

The app comes featuring a toolkit that would let developers to work along with utilizing the HealthKit.

The HealthKit was initially planned to be released alongside the iOS 8, but had met with hurdles which pushed its release alongside iOS 8.0.1 update.


You would remember that the app did show up, but its life was as short as that of a cocoon, and was pulled back from the stores as various issues and bugs were reported.

Now with Apple rolling out the 8.0.2 update, fitness geeks could heave a sigh of relief as the HealthKit spruced up with added new features has also arrived.

The HealthKit integration feature now gives the powers of HealthKit utility to other apps that deal with fitness concerns.

Not all the health apps up in the market are now able to be integrated with HealthKit, but it’s just a matter of time before further apps join hands to boast its utility.

Some of the worth mentioning apps that integrate well with the HealthKit feature are FitPort, MyFitnessPall, WebMD and  MotionX 24/7. FitPort sticks close to the features of Apple’s own health app and also comes in handy for the calorie related routines and works carried out.

The HealthKit integration could throw more light on the insight of health data for WebMD by helping you track your overall health and fitness.

There are also a bunch of apps that could come in handy with the HealthKit integration. Yummly, Zova,Carrot Fit and the like are all just enriched when integrated with HealthKit.

Keep your eyes on the stores as the HealthKit integration definitely opens the channel for more fitness apps to flourish.

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