MIT Scientists Just Shrunk the Space Suit; Skinny Attire for Space Travelers in the Making

September 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Speak of astronauts, and we all have the same image of them in heavy suits showing up in our minds. The puffed up white outfits have become so stale in our imagination that we tend to think whythe world doesn’t make lighter attire for our men and women up there.

Looks like MIT too has thought on those lines. MIT is said to have been working on shrink-wrap spacesuits that would give a whole new meaning to space garb.

The new outfit for space voyagers would appear just like the tight skinny clothes you would don during a morning jogging stint.


This one helps to get rid of the conventional, bulky space suit and brings in mobility and convenience alongside offering everything that is required to keep space travelers advance through outer space.

Scientists have been left with no choice rather than to keep the outfits inflated over the past so many decades. But thanks to Dava Newman and her colleagues at MIT, this new skinny suit has come up, offering counter pressure to tackle difficulties faced once out in the outer world.

spacesuitThe new spacesuit is made of coils that get contracted in response to heat. Made from shape-memory alloy, these coils generate the required pressure sufficient to support the lives of astronauts in vacuum.

It was Bradley Holschuh of Newman’s team who conceived the coil design, which if turns real could prove to be the face changer in space science.

The ongoing research for the space-suit is funded by NASA and MIT.

Newman’s efforts to get rid of the bulky attire are not new for the labs of MIT.

Research aimed at this spans back to a decade, actually.

It was back in 2012 when she came up with the Bio-suit.

However, the idea behind the new second skin space suit seems to be more promising and convenient. Newman also envisions not confining the space suit design merely to space.

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