First iPhone 6 in Australia Gets a Tumbling Welcome

September 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If it was Jack tumbling down the hill in the past, then it’s the modern day Jack who set his iPhone 6 go tumbling down as soon as it arrived on Australian soil.

The mass and the media who were in attendance were transported to a state of shock as the device kissed the floor at Perth.

No one would want to accidentally drop the new iPhone 6 while un-boxing. Forget the embarrassment, it was pure dejection to the lad who realized he had butter fingers.

What he just let go off his hands was the first ever iPhone 6 on Australian soil.

The incident however brought more kudos to Apple, as the iPhone 6 drop proved the device is a sturdy one.

The fact that Apple has kept durability and toughness on the forefront made no room for despair to its owner and the ones witnessing the mishap.

It does happen. What’s there to feel so awkward? Well if you happen to be in the midst of a mass of hundred people – all iPhone fans – and accidentally drop the brand new device, you are in for criticism. Adding to the embarrassment would be a TV camera seizing every moment of the mishap.

The dropping of the brand new iPhone 6 drew mixed reactions. While most of them were in shock, some stood by the lad – the first Australian owner of the iPhone 6 – and empathized with him.

All said, at the end of the day, the lad must have overcome his embarrassment to feel proud that he not only owned the first iPhone 6 that was shipped to Australia, but also that he put it to a stress test to see it come up trumps.

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