LifeProof Casing for iPhone 6 Plus Makes Your Phone Waterproof

September 19, 2014, By Alex Badinici

So, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have arrived. How about looking for the best case to keep your device protected? The new waterproof casing by LifeProof is certainly the one you might want to check out.

Not much has been revealed yet. The wait for a proper glimpse for this casing will need a good amount of wait.

But if going by the details flowing out in bits and pieces, LifeProof looks like it can prove to one essential accessory all you who intend to take your iPhone 6 Plus out of your homes would really want.

Lifeproof case

It’s waterproof, as well as shock-proof. And when we say water-resistant, LifeProof actually is so.

As per the company’s claims, you will be able to carry your iPhone 6 Plus packed inside the LifeProof casing through surfing, snowboarding and biking adventures, without any worry of your rig being affected.  You could even take your device underwater so as to click snaps.

The LifeProof case is yet to be unwrapped for public consumption and we find only scare info on the company’s product page.

There hasn’t also been any word on the price too. However, we need to expect the tag to be around $100 or less.

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