Get Hold of the Selfie Hat from Acer to Add Glamor to Your Snaps

September 19, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapping selfies is fun. But the act stretching out your hands to capture the exact view you desire could be a pain often.

While there exist no dedicated tripods for selfie devices, Acer now intends to bring in a hands-free selfie capture experience with their new ‘selfie-hat’.

You read that right. It’s a hat, the sombrero one. And it’s not like the usual ones around.

Selfie hat

The selfie-hat is purely fashion centric and men can surely stay away from the hat, thanks to its glittering design and the pink color glazing over the surface.

So what’s this selfie-hat all about? It’s a big pink sombrero bedazzled with the glittery works so as to make you appear like in a fashion week venue.  What comes integrated with the selfie hat is the Acer  Iconia A-1 840 tablet with its screen facing you.

Spin the hat to 360 degrees and what you have is the option of trying out the angles for your desired selfie shots. You can also roam around social networking platforms with the selfie-hat placed on your head.

And as per the manufacturers, it’s not just about the angle. It also would let you check out the various light exposure and expressions dispatched right across your face and visualize it from all around the possible corners of a selfie snap.

Selfie hat2

Sounds interesting? Then you may have the shot of grabbing this fashion fancy gadget but not by the usual means.

You need to get an appointment to have the chance of buying the device that would also give you the chance of meeting fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis to peek more into this gadget.

Incase you wondering of why that would seem necessary, let us remind you that Cowan is the working brain behind this selfie- centric hat that has been designed as part of the London Fashion Week.

He has also brought out ten limited edition glittering cases for the Iconia tablet so as to suit your choice when sticking it on to your selfie-hat.

Pricing is yet to be revealed, and we are also not sure whether the jazzy innovation would find its place in outlets.

So as we said, book your appointment if you feel to add glamour to your selfie snaps and social media life.

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