Tag Heuer Smartwatch Foray Could Give Sleepless Nights to Apple and its Ilk

September 18, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We, recently, heard about the claims of Apple smartwatch posing no threat for the Swiss Made watches. And when that came from legendary watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver, we could hardly deny the claims.

But then how about thinking in the reverse? What if Swiss made watches pose a threat to Apple’s device?

The coming years might see a confrontation between Apple smartwatches and the iconic brand of the fashion terrain – Tag Heuer.

The legendary watchmaker himself opened up on this possibility and we need to expect Tag Heuer to come up with a smartwatch that could take Apple’s rig head on.

tag heur1

You would all assume the watch to be scheduled for the far future, but if the grapevine is to be believed, the smart watch from the Swiss watchmaker could show up by the early quarter of next year.

It’s been reported that smartwatches from the house of Tag Heuer is set with the timeline of being featured at the Baselworld 2015 expo, which is set to take place under the guidance of Biver. To remind you, that’s even before the possible release of the announced smartwatch from Apple.

It’s quite interesting to closely look at of things that have been shaping up in the markets of the wrist wearables. Much was anticipated when the mobile giants announced their entry into the watch making arena.

Skipping the conventional was the exact assumption, but with the manner the prevailing smartwatches have been performing in the markets, it’s indeed hard to say the smart watches have risen as a nemesis to the traditional watches.

But that just may not be the case once the traditional watchmakers counter with their advance into the smartwatch section. After all, they are the ones who really know how to keep the masses ogling at their wrists.

tag heur2

And when the legendary company among them takes the next big step of piercing into the smartwatch market, it’s indeed the smartphone manufacturers who would expect difficult times ahead of them.

As of now, it’s just the sprouting of seeds and yes the wait would have to be extended until March if things shape up in the manner they are expected. But all eyes would be on the Swiss manufacturer expecting it to reveal their technology.

It would be fair enough to assume that it would be bringing up its own version of the smartwatch platform, with Biver having clarified that the new tech would skip the route already taken. Tag Heuer is not a brand that has kept away from Android for their smart devices.

But with all these forming only the assumptions, it would be better to keep our fingers crossed until the smartwatch would be unwrapped by the Swiss brand.

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