Stephen Hawking and Intel Jointly Unveil New Connected Wheelchair

September 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While the world has been running behind new launches of the tech gadgets this month, chipset manufacturing giant Intel was busy working on a smart wheel chair.

The company has now unveiled the wheelchair via a video that features the living legend in the field of science, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking, who himself has been wheel chair ridden for years now, explains the smart features possessed by the new wheel chair in the video released by Intel.

He also reveals that his ideas were collaborated by Intel, with whom he has been working over the concept for over a decade.

The wheelchair has the capability to interact with the environment as well as the person sitting on it so as to analyze information concerning the disabled.

It would also display the health aspects of the disabled, and that include blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. The smart wheelchair would also be able to interact with the surroundings so as to predict the accessibility of the places it would roll on.

The wheelchair has been developed by the brains at Intel Internet of Things and has labeled the Connected Wheelchair Project. The video reveals the use of Intel Galileo board that can be loaded on to the wheelchair so as to facilitate its smart functioning. The entire project got its birth with the Intel Collaborators Program.

The Connected Wheelchair was showcased at the 2014 Intel Developer Conference held at San Francisco. Hawking and Intel jointly have been pushing the limits to display how the technology could be the proving grounds in the near future for the disabled ones.

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