Netropolitan is ‘Facebook’ for the Rich; Socialize in Affluent Terrain for $9000

September 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This essentially is an era where social networking is part and parcel of human behavior. The free access to social networking sites has made it possible for billions to hop on to such avenues to socialize and share events in their lives.

Now, let’s ask you a question. Would you spend hours on a social network if the site lets you in only if you pay for that?  The obvious answer is, “why should we?”. But then, that’s not all true.

There are many who would pay loads of money to socialize.  If you have problems in believing us, read on!


A section of the global population who don’t seem to bother flushing out cash for menace free social networking does exist, folks! You would find them at Netropolitan, the new social networking site that gives access to it for a fee. The private and secure social networking platform Netropolitan charges a fee of $9000 from users to get inside and socialize.

Netropolitan is for the rich who have loads of money than time. Adding to the fee is a yearly usage fee of $3000 after the first year, and when you pay that you also would get a Netropolitan account where you could have your social networking life among the “most exclusive online community”.

Is there anything more you would be getting for the hefty fee? Privacy is what Netropolitan guarantees, along with ad-free pages. You will also be able to confine your posts to the ones who follow similar social behavior as you do. Users would also be given access to a file storage service too.


James Touchi-Peters is the one who has brought up the social networking site for the rich. The 48 year old, who is a composer and former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, has explained the difficulties he had in finding out people who share his views.

One aspect the company has been stressing is ultimate privacy. If you are above 21, and have experienced lack of privacy when you share your stuff,  you may part with the amount as listed down by Netropolitan.

And if you don’t care, Facebook, Twitter and the many other free sites are the best to indulge in.

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