Postfity Lets You Post Your Updates Even When You Are Not Around

September 15, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Almost all social networking sites offer swift and dynamic ways of interference. But there are people who find it hard to cope with fast posts and updates even after boasting of having accounts on these sites.

Blame it on lack of time, people often end up staying away from the social networks. That is where a new app that would make update posting convenient comes in.

Christened Postfity, this is a simple app that lets you post timely and scheduled updates on sites including Facebook and Twitter.

It’s as simple as it could get. While offering a paid version for posting the updates as per schedule, Postfity also lets users post up to ten posts per day through up to five social networking accounts, absolutely free of cost.


All you would have to do is head for Postfity on your browser to have a first hand on how to post scheduled updates on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Though multi social networking sites posting is offered by Postfity, the authentication is first carried out through your Facebook ID. Once you key in the login, you would have various tabs on the top depicting various features. Unless you opt for the paid version that lets you manage more than five accounts and ten daily posts,  it’s better you confine yourself to the add content tab as the rest will demand the extra penny.

Under the “add content” tab would be displayed the accounts to which you have been linked. You could add the tally by clicking the round icon to post it on multiple accounts. Once that is done, post your update or images on the space below that.

Click on the schedule button below and you would be asked for the timing and date for the update to be made. You could also go with the instant update or add them to the queue for rechecking the post later.

Postfity also lets users post multiple updates of the same matter. A list of the updated post would be displayed on the below part alongside the one that has been scheduled for updating later.


Use the multiple or repost feature from there to have your updates posted in a timely interval that can be set by yourself. That’s quite a handy task when you have got the promotions or reminders of events that has to be updated over your networks.

Postfity also offers three paid plans if you feel the number of posts and accounts as too restricted in the free version. The paid plans also pack in the feature of suggesting the posts which you could find interesting, based on the keywords and Twitter accounts provided along.

If you are among those who find it hard pressed for time to spent lots of time on the social networking sites, then Postfity is a sure shot that would prove to be handy in your social media management exercises.

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