Samsung Powerbot VR 9000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Stands Ahead of the Rest

September 12, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The IFA this year kept the world of technology on its feet, for sure. What fascinated us was Samsung’s new robot vacuum cleaner, dubbed Powerbot VR 9000.

Robot vacuum cleaners are not scarce in the market, we know. Samsung has gone a step further to make a distinct mark by making the Powerbot VR 9000 the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner ever.

Going by what we hear, this new vacuum cleaner could easily dust your floor and clean up the debris. The Powerbot offers up to 60 times suction compared to any conventional vacuum cleaner, thanks to the Digital Inverter Technology.


It offers a wider brush that can cover a larger area in a single sweep. What helps this cleaner avoid possible obstacles is the Full View Sensors that scans for obstacles hindering its motion, be it a chair or the corners on the walls.

The Powerbot VR 9000 also offers guidance while cleaning specific areas. All you need is to light up the area you want to get it covered by means of the remote function and the Powerbot would start following the beam to start the cleaning action. Coming along with these features are the CycloneForce and EasyPass technology which add to the utility of this robot vacuum cleaner.

The wheels of the Powerbot measure 105 mm in diameter with the body possessing a 15 mm ground clearance. On release, the Powerbot would feature in two color variants  – Airborne Copper sporting a black-gold combination and the Deep Blue variant with the blue-black combo.

We are just waiting to know more on its release date and pricing details.

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