New Voice Feature in Google Hangouts App: Know How to Make Calls

September 12, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

On Wednesday, an announcement by Google on merging Google Voice feature into its messaging and video call app Hangouts stormed out into the tech world.  The new feature would make it quite good just to convey a message over voice rather than by video.

This could be something Google has found out to be the next big thing. But to check what all could be the real benefits of this move, one would have to just tryout the same on his own. Yes, there are people out there who prefer to skip the voice calls, though few in number.

For those who have been feeling uneasy about trying out the voice calling feature from the Hangouts app, here’s our quick guide to take you through the process of hanging out with your friends by means of voice calling – in an easier way of course.


Let’s begin with the platform where Google has set its flag post, the Android devices. You may not be unaware of the Hangouts app if you have been playing with Android OS. But not all may be aware of the Hangouts Dialer app Google had brought in.

If you are the lucky one residing in a region where it is available, you can have it downloaded right on your device to kick start the voice calling feature. Once that is done, all you have to do is to open the dialer that resembles the normal phone dialer.

Dial the number of your wish and make the call using the phone icon. Also appearing in the Hangout Box would be the same phone icon to connect the ones instantly by means of Voice.

For those among you who use the Hangouts app from PCs and laptops, just search for the contact list from the search bar on your Hangouts . The contact list would get displayed in alphabetical order.

What appears on the upper right corner would be the unfamiliar icon on your app – the phone icon. On clicking the icon, you could authenticate the call.  You either would have to type the name so as to see the number pop up (if that’s allowed by your friend) or just input the number so as to start the call instantly.

voice newhangout-llist

For the iOS fans out there,if you notice you would find  the Voice calling feature already packed in the Hangouts app upon download. In the bottom row a row of four icons would be seen,  of which the last one would be the Calls icon.

Click on that and it will take you the call log list with a dial pad icon on the top corner. That would be convenient if you have the number scribbled up in your minds or somewhere else, but unless and until you know the number, we suggest you look for the contact list.

Select the one to be called from the list and on the top would be displayed the options including the ‘Voice’ option which you may click to have the call made.

Google has stated that calls made over the Google Voice service would cost nothing to users across the US and Canada. The company has also mentioned that the international call rates would be low and affordable in case you reside elsewhere.

At the moment, we can’t say how affordable that would be. Let’s wait to know.

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