Qistone+ Charging Technology is Fully Wireless

September 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wireless charging is nothing new for the masses. It has already been there for quite a while and the technology has been juicing up batteries by helping devices to just perch atop such chargers. They provide charge by shunning cables.

But then, think again. Can they be said as fully wireless? No, well at least if not when it comes to charging the devices. You cannot just get rid of the wires as even the wireless chargers juice themselves up by way of cables.

Now, think what would be the case like if it becomes possible to give the wires the miss altogether. That’s exactly what the brains at Fonesalesman have been thinking about and they have come up with the right product.


Qistone+ is what they call their technology. The device they have created looks solid, like a palm sized pebble and packs the power of a 4000 mAH battery. Built decent and rich on specs, the Qistone+ performs wireless charging by means of Qi induction.

That does sound normal, but it’s the mode of power gain for this cute little gadget that could make you go for it.

Qistone+ can also be used to charge itself by means of wireless charging. Place it atop another Qi+ charger and the four LED indicators would be gradually light up indicating the charge within.

Packed in it is a mini-USB port to get itself charged and the USB port that helps give away the charge to the device you own.


Qistone+ also offers simultaneous charging. Power it up even as you juice up your devices. If you have the multiple gadgets lined up, put one on the top and the next on the mini USB port to have them both charged.

If you are someone who would prefer a complete wireless experience, you may not have to regret parting with $75 you would have to spend for the Qi+. What do you say?

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