As Latest iPhone Variants Arrive, This is Your Chance to Pick Older Models for Less

September 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The wait for the new iPhone has finally culminated in the arrival of the new models from Apple. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus made their grand entry at the chic launch.

And, along with that came the price drop for its predecessors, probably that was what so many of us were waiting for.

What we have now in the market are four iPhones  – the 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus models. Marking the end would be the sales of iPhone 4S which was released back in 2011, but still having adoring fans across the globe.

It would be interesting to see how sales increase for the older models, and that is what actually happens whenever a newbie hits the market. But Apple has put the barriers in front of us who would want to opt for the older models. As per Apple plans, what would be available for sales along with the new models would be the earlier iPhones with reduced storage.

iphone6 and 6 plus

So what you would get to grab would be the iPhone 5S in 16 and 32 GB versions, as Apple won’t be encouraging the sales of 64 GB version anymore. Also extending the storage reduction is the 5C model, where the 16 GB variant would hit the dust. You need to go to the market only to buy the iPhone 5C  8GB model.

But yes, let’s not forget the happy news we all have been waiting for –  the price drop. Though limited in storage, the price drop can surely keep the minds glued to the older versions.  The iPhone 5C model has now been tagged a ‘free on contract’ device with users having to pay zero cash for a contract of two years on carrier networks.

The iPhone 5S has also dropped the contract price and has come under the sub-$100 mark. While it was $199 along with a two year contract, Apple has now stated that it would be costing only $99 along with the contract. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been put on contract prices starting at $199 and $299 respectively.


If that’s not the price drop you would have expected for, you still have the retail price drop for the devices. The Australian market has now witnessed a staggering price drop of up to $200 Australian dollars.

While the 5C model has witnessed a price drop of $150 AU, the 5S models has now got the price reduction by $120AU and $200 AU for the 16 and 32 GB versions respectively.

Online retailer Amazon has also put up the price drop of up to 29% making the price of iPhone 5S drop from $700 to $490.

These may be just the slight bit of push that could make the consumers ogle at the older versions. And if you are opting for the latest iPhone 6 model but can’t find the necessary amount in your wallet, then here’s our piece of advice! Wait for the iPhone 7 launch so that you can pick the device for less money!

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