Apple May Go With Premium Pricetag for its iWatch

September 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This month, we have a decent array of devices geared up for launch. And on top of them all, we have Samsung and LG gearing up with their smart watches. But it’s the wearable from Apple that has triggered wide speculations.

A recent report from Recode has revealed much on the so called iWatch. It is being pointed out that the rig may not be up for sales this year, though.

Whatever that be, it has pushed the limits in bringing out the price range of the wearables. With Samsung and LG having unveiled the pricing within the $300 mark, you can sure expect the premium segment Apple wearable to go beyond that.

John Paczkowski from Recode believes the wearable to be lined up with a staggering price tag of $400.


Citing various sources, he also believes the device to fall not just under the high-end category, but also that it will come out in multiple models, possibly with a lower price tag too.

Amidst all these, further details have been kept under wraps by the manufacturers. But with the hefty price tag likely on the high end variants, it sure would boast at least a couple of state-of-the-art features that could push the device to the top.

While it’s been rumored Apple would remain reluctant to disclose the price even at the time of launch, Samsung and LG has taken the step ahead in revealing the price of their devices ahead of launch.

While the Samsung Gear 2 would be costing around $300, LG G Watch would be hitting the racks with a lower price tag of around $199. Apart from these are the smartwatches Moto 360 and the smartwatch from Asus that could redefine the pricings for these wrist wearables.

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